#Kotlin Night Milano 2018 - Kotlin JVM/JS

Descrizione dell’evento

L’evento sarà totalmente gratuito e si svolgerà presso Subito.it in Via Benigno Crespi, 19 - Mac 3 · Milano.

  • 19:15 - Accoglienza ospiti
  • 19:30 - Presentazione evento
  • 1° talk: Kotlin/JVM, Android, Coroutines Speaker: Roberto Orgiu - Android GDE & Android Engineer @ New York Times Title: eAsync Kotlin Abstract: Writing async code is never easy, but nowadays we have many solutions. One approach would be to use RxJava and its schedulers but... have you heard of Kotlin Coroutines? Join us and let's see how good they are today!
  • 2° talk: Kotlin/JVM, Android Speaker: Giacomo Bresciani - Android Engineer @ Subito.it Title: Having fun with DSLs: Kotlin Type-safe builders explained! Abstract: At first glance Kotlin DSLs might seem like magic but they are just the result of combining some language features (Extension Functions, Function Literals with Receiver...) in a very clever and cool way to create Type-safe builders. The language is evolving and new tools such as @DslMaker annotation are introduced to make Kotlin DSL even more safe useful. The aim of the talk is not to just explain how to use all this tools but also to present them in details and clarify how they are combined to create one of the more powerful Kotlin feature.
  • 3° talk: Kotlin/JS, backends, Google Cloud Functions Speaker: Omar Miatello - Android Developer @ Satispay Title: Google Cloud Functions: try { Kotlin } insteadOf JavaScript Abstract: How to write (almost) free backend services on Google Cloud Functions in Kotlin
  • 4° talk: Kotlin/JVM, backends, Coroutines Speaker: Francesco Vasco - Software Architect @ Lightstreamer Title: Vert.x + Kotlin: fuga dal callback-hell Abstract: Vert.x è un framework di programmazione ad eventi particolarmente apprezzato per realizzare microservizi. L'utilizzo di Java per lo sviluppo asincrono rende spesso il codice ostico, vedremo quindi come programmare con Kotlin un multi-reattore senza finire all'inferno.

L’evento è svolto in collaborazione con JUG Milano Sponsor: JetBrains

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